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Triangle ServicePros has offered quality, affordable tree services to Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Garner, And surrounding areas for several years.  We are a friendly, family owned business located in Raleigh.

 Affordable Tree Services offered are tree removals, tree trimming, and stump grinding.  All estimates are free, and all tree services are insured.  We care about your property, and our help is very professional which leads to a stress free experience for all of our customers.

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Affordable Stump Grinding.

Reclaim your yard from hazardous stumps!  Stumps often invite unwanted pests such as insects, and snakes.  Stump grinding is the process of mechanically shredding stumps into mulch.  The minimum depth I would recommend is 4-6″.  It is always recommended that you call 811 to have the utility lines marked especially in tight, congested areas.

Stump grinders can be rented at some equipment rental businesses, or you can call a professional such as myself to take care of it for you.  You will often find that you save money, and time having a professional that is familiar with the process, and machinery do it for you.

If you would like a free, no obligation estimate contact me today by completing the contact form on this site, phone or text 919 809-6147.

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Affordable Tree Removal, and Stump Grinding.

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Fall is almost upon us!  It’s the perfect time to plan your tree removal, tree trimming, and stump grinding projects.  Fall is often the best time because as the leaves fall you can take a closer look at your trees to better notice possible damage, and prices are often lower during the cooler weather months.  We have some of the best pricing in town, and an excellent reputation.  Google us an see for yourself!

When does a tree need to be removed?

Trees are one of natures most beautiful, and useful creations.  Trees provide shade which is beneficial in many ways, they enhance your landscape if placed properly, and produce oxygen which is beneficial to our livelihood.

There are many reasons for tree removal, tree cutting, etc…  Spacial needs for building, disease,   and over growth.  We do a lot of removal due to the wrong species tree being planted to close to a home.  This can cause foundations damage, plumbing damage, and home damage due to storms, falling limbs, and root overgrowth.

The best time to inspect your trees if during the fall, and winter when the leaves are gone, but taking a look during the summer is also beneficial.  It’s easier to spot dead limbs, dying tree tops, etc.. during the growth season.  If you notice a tree that has dead limbs at the top keep an eye on it.

It may be time to consult an Arborist if you would like to save it, or have it safely removed by a professional if you don’t think you’re up to the task.

What is stump grinding?

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Stump grinding is often referred to as stump cutting, stump removal etc…  It may be called several thing, but the process is the same.  If you are digging a pool, or home footings you may need to have the stump root ball, or root system dug from the ground.

For most landscape projects stump grinding will be the less costly method.  The process of stump grinding is done with a machine called a stump grinder,  The stump grinder has a circular wheel, with carbide steel teeth on the front called a cutting wheel which spins at a very high  speed shredding  the stump into mulch consistency.

The stump should be ground at least 4″ below surface to prevent the roots from sprouting up new plants.  The stump grindings are normally left to settle by most professionals, but can be hauled away for an additional fee.

Stump grinders can be rented from certain equipment rental companies if you choose to do it yourself.  If so please use eye protection, and hearing protection at a minimum.  I choose to wear a face shield because the machine will kick up wood chips, rock, etc..

I would suggest a self-propelled machine, with four wheels, and at least 25 horsepower.  These stump grinding machines can be dangerous if not used properly.  If you are not the do it yourself type leave it to the professionals like myself, and many others in the area.