When does a tree need to be removed?

Trees are one of natures most beautiful, and useful creations.  Trees provide shade which is beneficial in many ways, they enhance your landscape if placed properly, and produce oxygen which is beneficial to our livelihood.

There are many reasons for tree removal, tree cutting, etc…  Spacial needs for building, disease,   and over growth.  We do a lot of removal due to the wrong species tree being planted to close to a home.  This can cause foundations damage, plumbing damage, and home damage due to storms, falling limbs, and root overgrowth.

The best time to inspect your trees if during the fall, and winter when the leaves are gone, but taking a look during the summer is also beneficial.  It’s easier to spot dead limbs, dying tree tops, etc.. during the growth season.  If you notice a tree that has dead limbs at the top keep an eye on it.

It may be time to consult an Arborist if you would like to save it, or have it safely removed by a professional if you don’t think you’re up to the task.

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